A CALL for two fields in St Peter to be re-zoned to allow for a ‘much-needed’ affordable housing development has been made by the parish Constable after a new report highlighted soaring demand.

We might be waving goodbye to 2018 but we certainly haven’t seen the last of winter yet so take a look at this advice ahead of one of the coldest periods.

A TOTAL of 7,000 new homes – equivalent to adding an entire new small town – will be needed in Jersey in the next decade, a report into projected housing needs has concluded.

Most simply put, traditional property management systems like spreadsheets require a lot of manual labour to use and keep up to date.

Start afresh with these clear out tips for moving home.

Planning permission to build Jersey's new hospital on the current site has been refused by Deputy John Young.

It doesn’t matter whether your home office will be created for working from home, running a business or just organising your finances, it’s still a space where you should be comfortable working in.

With life getting busier every week and new bars, restaurants and events opening every month, staying on top can be tricky. So here’s a round up of this month’s hottest happenings in and around the local area…

If you’re thinking about decorating your home in 2019, it’s time to start thinking about colour trends.

The New Year is fast approaching and for many people that means a time of reflection.

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A SPORTS centre, whose profits are put towards community endeavours, plans to undertake a £1 million investment in the spring to increase leisure facilities for Island families.