Experience, technology and knowledge all to hand

Experience, technology and knowledge all to hand

Now is the time to rely on experienced agents who have worked through the different property market conditions.

Established on the Island since 1934, the core values and ethos of the founders – honesty, teamwork, market knowledge and outstanding client service – remain the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence and have gone a long way in ensuring we remain a stand-out brand in a crowded marketplace, through both the good and more difficult times! 

Our current Sales & Letting staff worked through the 2008 financial downturn and are well prepared for what ever the property market does next. The staff are not solely reliant on commission and act in the best interest of our Vendors and Landlords, whilst also providing professional advice to buyers and tenants.

Unfortunately, there will be some commission only agents who will be looking for any quick sale to gain a commission and then lose sight of their obligations to the Vendor or Landlord (unless directed to do so). For any Vendor or Landlord, the process may take a bit longer by way of more marketing to gain more exposure leading to more viewings and gather enough information from viewing feedbacks to understand buyers/tenants opinions and their current financial situation. Caution and patience should be applied before arriving at the desired conclusion.

In any market condition, if the price has been realistically set then you should always generate interest. We provide a comprehensive valuation report that backs up our opinion and helps you understand the current property market prices. We have recently spoken to a couple of Bank Surveyors for their opinion on prices and they are saying that as long as there are recent comparable's being used then they will not automatically be adjusting prices.

Currently we are still receiving plenty of requests from buyers in the price range of £250k to £1m. We also have a number of property transactions due to complete, now that the Banks are open and their credit companies section in the UK are now liaising with the Jersey surveyors.  During the lockdown Gaudin & Co were fortunate enough to complete a number of transactions – both sales and letting. This was encouraging as it confirms that even during a period of lockdown and restricted movement people are still motivated enough to want to move homes.  The demand still outweighs the stock available.

From 20 March to start of May there were approx 180 transactions on the sales side through the Jersey Court. We have also been advised many transactions that were on hold during the lockdown are now being progressed to completion, which the Banks and Surveyors are frantically trying to clear up.


Rental demand is always stronger during any recession, if that is what is ahead of us and despite potential falls in average household income, rents generally level off rather than fall back due to the increased demand, another reason to hold onto your investments. 

We are still inundated with applicants looking to secure their next tenancy from 1 bed modern apartments at £1k month up to 4/5 bedroom homes up to £5k a month.

From listing a new rental and marketing the property to the many potential applicants, we will have a new tenant for you in no time and will undertake credit checks and references ready to sign up the Tenancy Agreement. We will also advise on all the many new regulations that are now in place and make sure you are compliant before letting your property and avoiding any legal fines.

We already have the technology in place to virtually chat/video chat to you whilst going through the 360 tours, should you wish to use this service and help shortlist your viewings, as well as having all the other media platforms to give your property maximum exposure and offer a great service to applicants as well.

If you are a Landlord looking to rent your home and need assistance, we have the team, experience, technology and knowledge to guide you through these changing times and also keep you up to date with all property management regulations.

Please contact us to discuss any sales or letting questions you may have. We would be delighted to use our experience and passion to help you and work at your desired time frame.

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